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vigus 5 nominee South African car of the year 2020

Motorists and consumers are not as concerned with getting a business workhorse because of a great deal nor having one that is packed with the latest innovation in entertainment.

At JMC, we always have these factors in mind that is why we are confident in offering our premium vehicles in Mauritius. Here are the Top Reasons Why consumers and entrepreneurs alike prefer to drive a JMC vehicle above every other brand in the market nowadays.

Reliability and Durability All our vehicles are products of stringent research, design and development thru a partnership with Japanese and Chinese ingenuity from Jiangling Motors Corp. and are assembled locally following global standards to ensure you that our vehicles are reliable, durable, always road worthy and parts and service support is always readily available nationwide
Our vehicles offer the latest innovation in structure, design, power and safety with a catch- minus the hefty price tag! They are affordably priced making them the perfect vehicle for your family and business.
Fuel Efficiency 
Every drop of fuel count, that is why we made it a priority to design all our engines for fuel efficiency and great savings without foregoing load and power. For your added assurance, all our engines are Euro Compliant for greater adeptness and cleanliness.
Exterior Styling and Interior Comfort  We carefully design every detail of our vehicles to today’s world standards, with exteriors and interiors made using only premium materials and the latest innovation in comfort and safety