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JMC History

With almost 70 years of history, JMC of Jiangling Motors Co. a major key player in the Chinese automotive industry with commercial vehicles as its core focus, has been ranked as one of China’s Top 100 Listed Companies for many consecutive years. Since the mid-80's, we have used the most advanced technology, thus producing exceptional driving units that harmoniously combine safety, quality and profitability.

History JMC


Xin Motors Ltd is a Subsidiary of ABC Automobile Division and is the official and exclusive distributor of JMC vehicles in Mauritius. The company was created in 2010 and specializes in the selling of Chinese vehicles; namely JMC which stands for Jiangling Motors Corporation.


The Xin motors team is made up of experienced sales advisors and they are here to help you out. Feel free to contact them for more info:


Irshad Goolab

Senior Sales Advisor

Tel: 5 254 1519
Extension: 7230
Email: irshadg@jmc.mu


Varish Boodhoo

SALES Support Assistant

Tel: 206 9900
Extension: 7232
Email: varishb@jmc.mu